Building Proximity

With the release of the new NON PVP servers I see an influx of players in mass quantities resulting in an increased demand for wood. Unless you stay up for 24 hours playing this game and constantly run around and look for the occasional wood spawn, you will not get any. It takes a mass amount of wood to build a well secured structure, even on a non pvp server. It may sound rediculous to have to build such structures but the fact of the matter is noone can stay awake a full 24 hours just to protect themselves when they must sleep, especially those of us that have lives beyond that of the game of Rust. Take for instance my issue: I play for a good 12 hours last night and was only able to build a single story wooden structure with metal doors, because of the lack of wood, I log back in and find that i’m naked on a rock some ways away from my home. Assuming the server had been wiped i ran to where my last house was located and find it still standing and someone else has made it a home. All of my hard work and wood farming has gone to waste and i must start over from scratch. What i am simply suggesting is a “Build Proximity” i.e. If you build a foundation, noone else can build within a certain distance. ( or something similar to that idea )… This would also eliminate the problem of people building random crap outside your home to attempt to “climb” to a window or a section that hasnt been built yet only to loot your things and rape you while you sleep… Thank you for reading my rant/suggestion guys.

A larger nap for larger numbers of players will also fix the lack of resources :slight_smile:

But when you get any large influx of players, resources will be scarce. After a server reset it normally goes crazy with people getting tech, resources and killing. Give it a day and it gets much easier to get resources. Next day it gets harder as people are looking to have fun and killing :slight_smile:

Woo! :slight_smile:

Kinda ruins the freedom of he game