Building Rock Bases (on top of rocks)

First I’m curious if this is an intended mechanic. If so then I think it could be improved, if not then I assume it will be fixed eventually. If you intend to allow people to build on top of rocks then I think there should be craftable ladders or something similar that a player can place regardless of tool cabinets. The item should be expensive but allow you to climb to the highest part of a certain block or something like that. I understand it is prime real estate on top of rocks and it comes with it’s drawbacks, but I think having to build a makeshift tower out of blocks and then jumping down (encouraging disconnecting for fall damage negation) to get on top of a base to raid it is rather silly. Just my two cents. I have some other suggestions I’ll post later.

Welcome to club!

Remove Raid Towers = Only Jump Hackers Can Raid

Allow twig structures to be constructed without building permisions

Cupboards are ok. Just shouldn’t block building twig tier

We either need ladders/grappling hooks, or tool cabinets to only block upgrading but not placement of objects

I cant think a better solution about tool cupboard problems

You need to stop spamming this in every post.

This game is in development. There will obviously be additions that will mitigate rock bases.

They were intended, btw

You can always play on a server the blocks it. Like mine. PM me if you want the IP.

Obviously, yes. It is a matter of priority. I do not know why Garry was coloring the bodies, instead of making a really helpfull things.

At least to bring the game at legacy level.

You obviously don’t know any of this because Garry wasn’t Coloring anything. His artists were.

A lot of the modded servers ban building on rocks. Is there any reason we could have that built in to every server? Or set this (can’t build on a rock) for now so it is not the main point of the game - finding a rock to exploit/build on?

Do people think building would be much worse in the game if you could not build on rocks? I haven’t done enough building to know if it is important to keep this ability in the game. I wonder if turning it off for a while would make the basic gameplay better.

Removing building on rocks would be dumb. It’s a sandbox game… rock bases and/or using rocks in them make for interesting builds. My friend built his base using rocks as part of the design and it was pretty cool.

Removing that because a few kids can’t find a way to raid it (and think it’s unfair they can’t steal someone else’s stuff…) would be retarded. Just wait for ladders or whatever they decide to implement.

My reason for making rock bases is that they look really cool. You can’t just make a big square all the time on top of rocks so you end up getting a new base shape for every new rock you inhabit. I would most likely still continue to build on top of rocks even after they implement raid ladders etc.

i would hate to see this game become so restrictive that it tells you where you can and cannot build like that, even temporarily. you should be able to build anywhere the pieces can fit, in water, in rad sites, on top of boulders and in caves; it’s a sandbox. the issue isn’t building on them, it’s the inability to build up to them with the (IMO broken) cupboard in place. better to scrap the forcefield, not the areas we can build if you are looking for gameplay improvements.

I can agree in general. But the whole early game is based on finding a rock to build on for safety. Surely that is not a good way to have a game set up. Do we want the next 3 months to be like this?

Maybe if Garry added some rock climbing tools that specifically work on these types of rocks, we could reduce the benefits of these base types. Seems to be a not too invasive fix that would force rock dwellers to try a little harder.

What’s more funny is that you do not need to build on a rock to abuse the cupboards like that.

Try this fun experiment:

build a foundation at max elevation off the ground.

Put a stair foundation connected to it.

Now put a doorway between the stair foundation and the regular foundation.

Upgrade everything but the stair foundation to armored (including the door to the door way)

Finally beat the stair foundation (made of twig) down to 1 HP. And laugh as no one can ever get into this room.

Now picture a 5x5 built to max stability upwards. You have an unraidable base.

The single biggest reason why rock bases are still better than this? I can’t throw my c4 on top of a giant rock, but I can still stick it to your elevated foundation and collapse your base. (Assuming the server restarts every now and then to fix that floating glitch.)

This post is not about disallowing rock bases, it’s about ladders to get on top of them and any other base for that matter, sorry I shoulda searched forums first though.

Then everyone would move to the water.

well and for that we will have boats or the ability to simply throw c4s and climb in the buildings from the water :smiley:

Boy what a model of intelligence this one is!

Read up man and pay attention to what people are saying.

People are against it at least for now because there is currently no way once in place to raid them. They took out the ability to tower raid so for now if placed right a cabinet can make a rock base unraidable. Either give us tools now to raid like ladders instead of skins every update (and yes they can put the artwork programming on halt for a bit till the game is more playable) and focus on the game mechanics and gameplay first or you may find yourselves loosing would be players!

Right back at you.

Who cares if you can’t raid rock bases right now. Having the ability to create nearly unraidable bases gives people a chance to build up, gather, and test out other aspects of the game they might never reach because they constantly get raided. Find something else to do other than always raiding (which is still possible).

People’s need to raid isn’t as important as balancing out all of the other mechanics in the game. Better raiding will come eventually, but getting all the building tiers in place, balancing structural damage and stability, and implementing proper defenses against Raiders should be finished first. Even if they remained unraidable how safe do you think they will be when siege weapons are implemented?

Here’s a fun analogy:

It’s like someone gives you a hammer and some nails. Great, you start hammering and nailing shit together. Then you get some screws. WTF! How are going to put those screws in with that hammer! Just be patient, play with your hammer and nails, and you’ll get your screwdriver eventually.