building rule changes?

Ive read a forum post where building rules are changing to prevent house grieving. A bit sketchy but something about homeowners being able to destroy other people putting ceilings and pillars in your house. Either that or other people cant build on your foundations.

Ive been griefed myself and didnt like it but now changed my mind lol

Today after being raided several times in a few hours I decided to get revenge.

I found their house (ok it might not be theirs but there was 2 of them and there was 2 bodies in it :wink:

I spent over 12 hours gathering c4 and majorly reinforcing my house before paying them a visit.

I destroyed all their doors. Killed bodies and sleeping bags. Then spent 4 runs taking everything they had.

Then build my own door and placed them in their house :wink:

I have basically evicted them and now its my holiday home.

Hopefully this tactic wont be taken away from me :wink:

What kind of revenge have other people carried out ?