Building Stability - Question - Pillars or no-Pillars

does putting down Pillars then the walls increase stability?

also does upgrading pillars/walls/floors increase stability?


If you plan on building up more than 2-3 floors, pillars are a must. Put them everywhere you can fit them. And at the very least, upgrade the outer pillars to wood so some random newman with a bow and arrow can’t shoot out your pillars and potentially cause parts of your base to collapse. Upgrading them all at least to stone is recommended.

I haven’t seen anything that suggests the material the pillar is made of increases stability. But then again, I haven’t done any before and after comparisons either.

  1. Yes on the higher floors
  2. No, If the pilar is destroyed nothing really happens because stability is not recalculated when that happens. Except of course when the server restarts and stability is calculated again (I think?)

You can destroy a bunch of pillars and immediately see no effect. Once the server is restarted, you’ll potentially be missing parts of your base (walls and floors on upper levels) and not be able to place new ones because of the lack of stability due to the pillars being gone.

That’s why you want to upgrade them to wood as a bare minimum, preferably stone or armour.