Building strategies

Haven’t see a thread on this in a while, and I haven’t played much experimental/current branch so a bit out-of-date. How are people raiding and dealing with raiders in the current building system?

Build what I thought was a decent house, turns out you can get in through windows (thought you couldn’t) and I hadn’t upgraded the bars from twig level… :suicide:

Then they hacked through a wooden door and climbed up via furnace to the second floor, hacked through another wooden floor and found my original cupboard so game over lol

Since then I’ve been building towers that are hollow for the first 2 floors, building my way up inside with twigs to get in and jumping down to get out. Seems like it should be secure barring someone getting on the roof (is that even possible now?) or blowing up the foundations (hopefully costs too much C4 to be worth it). Haven’t been raided yet at least.

As far as raiding goes seems to be salvaged pick or C4 only? The other tools that I’ve tried don’t do damage at all, and the pick wears down very quickly. Kinda lucked out with getting C4 and explosive blueprints though, so I can raid, just wondering if there is viable but cheaper method.

Hackers are ruining it right now… unfortunately that “wall glitch” patch… didn’t really fix anything. Hours and hours of peoples work is being wiped out… Garry mentioned that demolish being gone is not a big deal and that people who want to spend resources to grief your base is their prerogative… which is great when they cheated/stole the resources to grief it in the first place…


To your questions, wood is doable with pickaxe… Stone maybe with buddies… Metal Sheets are messed up right now and have less HP than Stone, armor is pretty much C4 only. The other thing beyond HP is that each tier type also has an independent effect on the tool being used against it…

The glitch where people are walking through walls that haven’t loaded in yet?

Wouldn’t building with the first level or two hollow keep you safe from this?

I know, I know, shouldn’t really be having to build around glitches but if you can’t fix it yourself work with what you’ve got…

Except that they can also fly… so they have no problem flying through your second or third story and clipping through the wall.