Building structures in stages!

Today they added this too the “To do” list on trello.[/t][t][/t]

I think its going to be pretty awesome.

I love the detail on the pillar with the “slots”.

I really can’t wait to see that in-game. :dance:

I would like to see this replace the crafting time like you can watch this build instead of crafting its :slight_smile: you would still have to wait for it to come up though :slight_smile:

They better get home ownership in first! or people will screw with this more then you can believe. Even now I don’t even try and piece meal my base as to many people screw with it all the time and then I need c4 to fix it.

I like the idea, but put home ownership in first, then work on this, otherwise it will just increase the base abuse that already takes place.

More people nearby should act same as workbenches. 2x faster with 2, 3x with 3, and so on.

That would be pretty cool if you actually had to wait at the location you were building on for the construction instead of lugging a house / raiding tower on your back and slapping it together in five seconds when you get to the destination.

Which trello site where you looking at. The main one doesn’t show this?

This looks fantastic, I really hope it pays out.

Click Art

Maybe they should rework the building / crafting system with building stage.

Example :

You still have to craft planks, with planks, you can craft fundation, wall, pillar etc… but it’s now pretty fast (or even instant).

Then you can begin to build the structure of your house, everything you put is at the first stage of construction and you have to hit the structure several times to build them. You can use the rock, the stone hachet (faster) or a hammer (even faster).

That would actually be a pretty nifty building workflow. I could go for that.

Crafting nails would make sense too.

I also had this idea, and I would love to see something like that.

this reminds me of origins, which I always thought was an amazing implementation.