Building suggestion: Build material selector!

Another post made me think of this. It’s VERY cumbersome having to automatically start with twigs, then go through the whole structure again and upgrade everything…especially if you’ve got a small window of opportunity to get your shelter up, or if you’re building something large.

Why not give us an OPTION to build in the stronger material (stone, sheet metal, armor) from the beginning if we already have it in our inventory - instead of making us go through the extra steps of building it in the weaker material first, and then rebuilding it a second time all over again to upgrade it? In other words…if I’m about to build an all-stone structure, why do I need to build the ~100 pieces in TWIGS first, then go through and upgrade them all to stone? Why not just give us a toggle button or selector for build materials?


It’s a good idea on paper, but I like the balance of having to start with twigs and work your way up, means you can’t just whip up a tiny stone shack to protect yourself in five seconds if you’re being chased down.

The problem is that if fast enough you would be able to prevent an enemy to reach you with instantly placing an armored wall.

They should offer some sort of mass upgrade option though especially for pillars that often get hidden by walls and become tough to upgrade if you forgot to beige placing the walls.

Well, first it would be a foundation…then a wall…and if they’re THAT close, you need 3 walls, a doorway, and a lock. And probably a ceiling/roof so they don’t ladder in or toss a grenade inside. Plus you’ll need a tool cupboard to /remove if you’re on a modded server. So it really isn’t as easy as just “instantly dropping a single armored wall, and you’re magically safe.”

I don’t want to give it away…but there’s actually a way you can do this already, and I haven’t seen it completely abused yet. PM me if you want to know more, I don’t want it abused so I’m not posting instructions.

But - if you already have enough time to drop a foundation of sticks along with 4 walls - then it only takes another 3-4 seconds to upgrade all 5 pieces to stone (or sheet, or armor). So my idea of a material selector wouldn’t necessarily save you too much time in the situation you described.

It’s more the number of mouse clicks it takes when you have to do this on a 7-story, 9x9 grid with full columns and half blocks. My fingers literally lock up from arthritis sometimes due to all the needless clicking.

A material selector wouldn’t necessarily be an automatic safe house for people fleeing an aggressor - chances are, you’re gonna get shot while running anyway. It only saves a few seconds in that respect. It’s more the number of clicks this takes when upgrading a large base…it’s a lot. And it’s a lot of time on a large base.

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I don’t get it. If you already have a way to do this why are you making this request?

And what about raids? Someone blows your wall down, you place another one instantly in the same spot. Kind of fucked, right? Current mechanism allows you to try to do it, but those raiders must be stupid to not try prevent it.