Building suggestions. (First post, might, probably been mentioned before)

Foundations; Because of the, mostly, uneven ground at certain locations. I believe it should be possible to build
foundations at the lower end of existing foundations.
Also it would be good if we could raise and lower foundations before building them.

Ramps; There should be Corner ramps.
It would be nice if we could build ramps on the side of foundations. Instead of only building it on them.

Windows; Wooden and metal windows.

“Higher” quality metal; For example; 5-10 low quality metal makes Steel.

Stone structures??

Metal gates??

I agree with it all bud. I always have an excess of stone ha so some stone structures would be nice. I especially agree with foundations being easier to place on uneven ground…
I learned the hard way yesterday when I started my metal base :(. BUT I already expect features like this in the future so I would rather some of the more important issues be dealt with first :).