Building System sucks since update 11/5/15

Ever since this new update you, as most of you know, have to pillars on the middle of floors. which is completely idiotic. Put down a door open it and run into a pillar. Great. With this new system bases have to be completely walled every which way order to build stuff on higher floors. Dumb. I’ve heard that the new pillar system was introduced to make you use less materials. Well if that is the case i have used way more material on stuff breaking because it wasn’t stable enough due to this awful system. Please fix it or go back to the old system which worked way better!!! Thank you.

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Just what i want to open my door to.

Its so awful. They removed my ability to build cool shit. I’m an admin and I spend a lot of my time building stuff specifically for people to raid and to navigate by.

This is usually the first thing I build after a wipe. It serves as a navigation beacon to the admin town and a jumping puzzle, players love it. And now I can’t build it.

My cool space rocket (russian design) that had a jumping puzzle in it and a prize at the top. Forget that now.

FP’s Rust devblog 84 has this to say about the awfulness:

I say being creative is what its all about and using things in a manner in which they were not intended is modern digital culture.

Similarly the new tool cupboard rules make it very difficult to make a large secure base now. Until the tool cab zones can be shown in-game (bad idea) you have to do a load of maths to figure out where they’re going (9 building blocks minimum between tool cupboards) and it regularly requires changing my base design for the worst.
Who are FP to decide how we use their product? We bought it, we own it and these latest changes seem like they’re from the same school of thought as that which makes Apple products so infuriating to use. Down with closed-source! Please give us back our building system, we liked it fine. There was no need to change it and it doesn’t make the game any less crashy. Every update (or plethora of updates) brings problems but this time FP have been really heavy handed and stifled our fun.

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I’m new to this game. It caught my attention as well how the pilar placement seemed to be non optimal.

I have not read the reasons behind this change. Is the idea behind the change to remove items from the game and reduce client / server strain or something else?

I’m all for creativity in game even tho I so new that I have not even seen the half blocks just to give you an idea.

How about ability place pilars in corners or center of a foundation blocks or both?

Yes. Good idea, I’d love that.
I’m getting to grips with it now but still making a hole in a building (with a good reason to do so) reduces stability to less than 10% on a tall building, Blech!

Pillars in the middle of the hallways, and can’t be placed on triangle foundations, WTF is the thought process of the development team? :suicide::scream::wavey:

Maybe the point was to stop people from honeycombing their base like that.

Ya know I thought about it and sometimes ya just gotta put something down for awhile and come back a month or two from now ta see what’s going on. Meanwhile do something else, try some new games, or go back to some old ones like UT, or go out into the sunlight for awhile. Thanks guys for screwing the pooch and giving me some free time to pursue sumtin else!

I don’t get you people. It’s an early access game- you bought it knowing full well that things would change. Some changes will stay, and some won’t.
It’s not the end of the world.

So another case of the devs deciding that we’re all playing the game “wrong” like with the half-blocks then… brilliant.

I was just about starting the game and when I saw this I am feeling more for witcher 3 atm:)

Pillars in the middle of 3x3metres room? what the…

Development: the act or process of developing; growth; progress:
And because we buy into and support the game in early development we are the actual beta testers who will eventually become the target customer.
When you get to the point of thinking your intellectually above your target demographic you’ve lost touch, and become a politician.

Exactly! It’s alpha, things change, so you shouldn’t have an opinion about anything. If you find yourself having any opinion that doesn’t involve gushing, shut the fuck up.

Who do you people think you are, playtesters whose purpose is to provide feedback on the game?

Some people just need to learn their place before their posts get flagged as “artistic”.

I’m pretty sure this is just a bug that should be fixed soon…or were being trolled…lol no chance is he dumb enough to leave it like this. I imagine he wants to test out the legacy way of things…pillars in middle and maybe have that be the way he gets rid of tool cupboards which would be smart imo he should have jkust kept the legacy system to start with