Building the Ultimate Mecha

Hey. Let me propose the idea: I’ve been working on, without much success, creating mech’s in gmod. But I’ve always been tryin to go for something BIG! Not just a walker, or a fighter, but some much more. My basic idea: More of a player body. Something huge, incredible. I want to create a mech that is, if possible, as funtional as the human body, movement wise. Not just a giant fighting robot. More of a giant player model with more possiblities. I’ve been studying how the body works, such as moving limbs. What I want to do is basically apply the same functions to a mech in gmod. I know, it sounds hard, maybe impossble, but the greatest inventions were always the impossible to make. But I need help. I can’t do this entire thing alone. It would take ten years at most. With the right kind of help, maybe a year, possibly months. Basically, what I’m asking is, do you understand what I have in mind, and can you help me achieve this. I’m not looking for people to buld while I stand back, or vice versa. I need someone to talk schematics with, someone who can help me create the best “body” possible. Just planning it is very difficult and at some times hard to understand. Is there anyone who can understand how the body works and help to apply it in gmod? Can anyone help? Reply to this, and if your interested post your Xfire username (or steam, xfire is just preffered). Thanks!

Isn’t there a section for this?

Probobally. I was in a rush.

It sounds interesting. :slight_smile: I wish you the best of luck, and yes, it WILL be hard.

Good luck. You will probably need a badass PC to handle this.

Don’t bother wasting 10 years, just get that player resizer on and you can make yourself huge. Maybe you can even find a mech skin for your player.

A large robot that can do exactly what a player does. Interesting concept, but what would a “large player” do? Push large buttons? Ride large cars? I don’t get it.

I don’t know if a giant physics gun is possible.

It is possible, one of the many things E2 makes possible.

Ah. :slight_smile: Thanks for clearing that up.

Not really a large player…More like a mobile suit. SOmething that will do everything a player wants to but a model can’t, like bend over, pick up stuff with hands, kick, etc. Basically more like a real body than a player model. My bad for phrasing it wrong.

Imaginging something is dead easy to do, anyone can do that. Designing something like that sounds difficult. Making it controllable sounds almost impossible.

Nice to see you’re still alive after a good month.

I’ve been trying to make a “mech” for a while, really all I wanted was a giant walking robot even that is hard enough, my suggestion is to give up, your chances of success are minimal at best.

However if you do insist on proceeding then, two ball joins make a hinge (you know this already of course) you can use this to make a knee and ankle, axis the limbs to a hip and have that upon another axis, your toy could now theoretically walk. remember that the foot DOES NOT connect to the lower leg at it’s end, you have an amount of heel that allows you to stand upright. winches seem like the best method of moving your monster but they are generally not fast enough to allow for a proper swinging gate, that’s why I always used thrusters on the limbs to push the legs around, the issue then became that of balance, getting the thruster strong enough to move the object but slow enough that you can maneuver it properly, to understand this it may help to build some thruster based spaceships with a set of rules (I.E. no hoverballs allowed and at least thirty seconds flight time before a proper landing) this helps you understand timing and staging of thruster movements and that to run properly all your thrusters must be toggled (unless you can operate 16 keys in close proximity with only ten fingers with ought getting muddled up) then comes the issue of memory, which keys are pressed and which aren’t, Wire might help with this but I aimed for vanilla only items and constraints.

Hope this helps in some way and shows you quite what you are up against.



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