Building Towards A Realistic Rust

I stumbled upon a thread posted recently here title “Epic radio idea!!” by 1-UPcard. He and Deicide[RS] suggested something I would love to see in Rust. Radios. Now, I wouldn’t be creating a new thread if I was just talking about how much I like the idea. I have some additional suggestions to build upon what they have envisioned

Deicide suggested that whoever controls the Satellite dish should be able to broadcast their station over the whole map. I love this. I think that additionally you should be able to craft radio transmitters, which would allow you to broadcast in a significantly smaller portion of the map.

There are a few things wrong with the current method Rust uses to communicate. First of all, there is an all chat. I am not a fan of this, because it takes away from the feeling of solitude when you first start in Rust

Epic music begins. Deep voiced announcer begins: When you wake up, you have nothing. You only have a rock, a torch, and your wits.

oh yea and about 100 players spamming in a chat about how much they could “pwn ur mom” in the left hand corner.

Do you see what I mean? It doesn’t fit with the theme of Rust. Nor does the fact that a players name and profile picture is displayed in the corner of your screen when you are nearby them.

In place of this, I suggest both the use of radio and walkie-talkies. I think both should be relatively cheap to make, because they don’t benefit you in any way other than entertainment.

Anyways, that’s just a quick summary of my thoughts. As always, criticism and suggestions are welcome.


Ok, but why would people tune in to the turd that has the dish?

For fun. No one is making them :smiley:

I definitely agree on all-chat and names above heads being super immersion breaking.

Would it be cool if while you have a mask on you have no name