building underwater....

I am playing on an East cost community server (no mods) and I found a house with most of the entire first floor underwater.

the house was added in the last 7 days (4/20 I think).

I can’t seem to place foundations let alone upgrade them underwater. tools do not work.

is there a way like in Minecraft to create a dry underwater house? what am I missing?

Any floors built underwater will always be flooded. There’s no way around that.

Foundations can easily be placed underwater. upgrade is also easy, as it’s a right click with the hammer, which works anywhere. However, repairing decay underwater is currently impossible because you can’t swing your hammer.

no, water is not currently affected by anything we build. so although you can build a platform that is dry because it is above the water table, you cannot build an airtight building under the water.

I tried something Minecraft style…

  1. platform underwater
  2. four walls
  3. add a half block (foundation) than another to fill the room
  4. destroy the blocks

Water stayed - :frowning:

in Minecraft I would have a dry chamber!

Feature request: water pump - steampunk style?