Building wipe or just my server

I looked around but I found very little info beyond other people talking about it a bit. Were all servers buildings wiped?

Nope, no wipe required.

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If there was a wipe, it was because your server admin wiped it :confused:

I am the server admin and I did no such thing lol but everyones building is gone. Inventory is fine but all buildings are gone :frowning: All I did was update the server lol.

Admin on my main server also wiped. The DDoS corrupted the player and server side files, I too lost my base but had my inventory items. A wipe is necessary.

Interesting… I didn’t need to wipe my server, huh…

Pretty sure the admin didn’t wipe the server i’m on since he was at work. The buildings are gone but inventory, player location, and recipes are still there.

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