Buildings are vanishing daily!

Wednesday morning, friend’s 20 story tower was only a frame, even though he had been on and in that building opening doors no more than 48 hours before.

Thursday morning, I logged into the server, and all buildings were gone. I still had my personal inventory and recipe list, so it wasn’t a server wipe. It was as if all buildings decayed in less than 8 hours.

We rebuilt bases yesterday.

Today, I log in, and my base is gone again.

WTF is happening?

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Ok, it didn’t happen again today. My new base was gone because Gameservers loaded a backup to restore the game prior to the first wipe.

Still wish I knew what happened with my friend’s building and the mass decay event.

Same happened to me on one server. All my boxes disappeared and i lost all my weps.

Play on official servers. On community servers admins are often removing big buildings that lag server with insta-destroy tool.

A server can wipe the world but let the players keep their knowledge and all the items in their inventory.

No. Decay is set to 12 hours. Buildings will disappear with a few days if they are not used.

A server owner **can **wipe ONLY the map and NOT player data. Or vice versa.

infusednz: Server owners can modify decay settings. In fact, by default, wooden buildings don’t even begin decaying until 24 hours so I don’t know where you’re getting 12 hours. 12 hour decay only applies to shelters (again, by default).

When you wipe a server Sievers everything is gone including the player’s learnt blueprints and the items they had on them . (Maybe I didn’t get your message but from what I understood you said that when someone wipes a server the buildings and all other placed items are deleted but the player data(that being all the stuff he has on him and the blueprints he learnt + his mod/admin rank if he has that as well) is also deleted. Used 3 hosts, if you press the wipe button then everything is gone .

That’s what he said. They can wipe all, just map, or just player data. Three possibilities. Just make a copy of the player data, wipe the map, put the player data file back. Or world data. Eazy peazy

Ah yeah dunno why I looked at it from a different angle so to say, my bad .

Meza, I don’t use the “wipe server” button. I actually go in and remove the map files and/or the playerdata folder.

You **can **remove one or the other or both.

Yeah I know you can save one of them . For some reason I understood from your message that you said that when you wipe a server it’s impossible to take out both of them .