Buildings degrade too quickly

I think the degredation time of buildings needs to be changed to be based on the size of the building rather than just using a set period.

I had a reasonably sized base and then stopped playing for a while due to the general futility of playing during the day and it just being a matter of time until being raided at night when nothing can be done to stop it, but had generally been logging in each day to stop the degrade timer. Then I didnt log in for 3 days and found all that was left was the pillars and ceilings.

It needs to take longer for a bigger base to fall apart as generally larger buildings wont be as common as the smaller ones that would end up cluttering up the world.

This would cause too much lag.

Yes, too much lag on most servers. And you might be surprised, a small sheltered building amongst the rocks would probably stand a lot longer than a towering stack of wood (in RL).

Quite frankly, after 3 days without logging in you should never be surprised to see your home in shambles, whether from decay or raids.