Buildings everywhere

There are too many buildings in the world, when you spawn it’s hard to find a place without building.
What do you guys think about a system that ‘destroys’ a building after some time?


I thought there is still a system, that will decay buildings, if they untouched/unused for 5 days?!

Oh, didn’t know that, but they have to figure out a nice system, because atm you can’t play with all these (duped) buildings. Maybe big server restart or something like that

yeah, I guess once they finish up with these duping problems a nice clean wipe would get the game at its ‘‘normal’’ status.

there was a clean up last night and a fix of the dupe… ?

There are more then one dupe exploit/bug while they fixed the ‘‘simplest’’ one the other one require a bit of ‘‘re-coding’’ in order to get fixed,