Buildings / house and Defense

  • Possibility to digg in game - bunkers, basements, cellars, ditches, water graves etc

  • build wood based bunker sunked in the ground

  • add shooting holes in buildings (small windows)

  • Add concrete bunkers on the map both dugged down in ground and normal - either add loot in em or just to be used as a hold up.

  • add some old school machinegun like, MG34, MG58,

and add holders/statives for machinguns that are placeable in bunkers and houses.
would be nice for defense and looks pretty cool

**- NOT usable while carried around. --> have to use machinegun on holder/stative

  • removable once placed yes
  • destroyable yes (both machinegun and holder/stative)
  • Ammo more expensive to make, harder to find and have to be learn by reserch kit
  • damage and speed varies depend on typ of machinegun, some little fast and lower damage some slower but higher damage.**
    (.50cal - high dmg and slow, MG58 high speed low dmg, MG34 avrage speed and dmg)

No heavy machine guns. I prefer the thought of improvised stuff like tripwires or pressure pads that shoot poison darts at you. If HMGs are added, I would hope that they could only be placed in windows. That way, you are potentially making a weakness in your base.
Digging would just make people turtle and hide in their base. Maybe only one or two layers below your foundation.

I also hope this is the approach they choose to take, heavy meachinery in the game is a bad idea in my opinion.