Buildings on the rocks [Fix this pls]

Please disable build a building on the rocks, it’s not fair, because they can not raid.

For example, I do not see any reason to play without the possibility of raid, because it is part of the gameplay. But the raid buildings that stand on the rocks - it is impossible. It’s not fair!

Sorry, I used a translator.

Unnecessary limits are the enemy of sandbox gameplay.

the cupboards forcefield preventing you building up there is the issue, not rocks.

Let’s not even mention that its still possible to raid rock bases with a tower. You want to talk unfair let’s point our fingers over to the cave dwellers

Just because you can’t figure out HOW to do it doesn’t make the base unraidable. it just takes time, resources and ingenuity.

Though he has a point. Building on rocks provides more safety than building on ground, given the same amount of ressources. This leads to almost everybody building on rocks, which gives an unnatural look on the landscape. It would be nice if the game would not promote unnatural looking stuff, but also not forbid it.

Thats true, but we don’t have another solution yet to prevent others from griefing.

what if every building part you built also contained your steam ID, this way if you build in anyway that is considered griefing(you place a wall/block in front of someones door) then you could get a temp 1 month ban

That would require hiring staff to monitor the official servers

not really not if you could write the code that would make it work automatically.

If you could code a way to automatically ban griefers, then you could also write a code to automatically prevent griefers. But i think it is almost impossible, because there a lot of special cases, that from a programs view could be considered as griefing while not being griefing. For example a friend builds a wall around my house and gives me access to a door in that wall. Would be hard to detect it with simple code.

I’m a boulder base builder. But with the current state of game mechanics, I can assure you that I can build a tower base on flat ground and have it just as secure from raiders as if it were on a boulder. Short of using hacks and exploits, raiders will have just as difficult a time getting into that base as my boulder bases. Slightly more resources will be required to make it secure than a boulder base, but not significantly. I almost always build a “useless” wall around the rock base anyway as an extra layer of security, so I probably use more resources that way.

With the way I build, breaching the outer wall of said ground base will require a minimum of 4 C4 charges and still not grant access to the main base or my loot. Sure, with enough C4, the whole structure can be levelled (probably can’t do that with the boulder base), but the cost to the raiders will be very prohibitive. Unless we were in an all out war, I doubt anyone would want to burn up 25+ C4 charges to take out 1 base. That’s usually not the objective of raiding.

No base is unraidable. The best anyone can hope is to make it so difficult and expensive (in terms of materials and time required) to gain acces to that raiders will just move on to a softer target that they can breach with less effort and expense.

Well i try to build upon the rocks every single time, if i’m still able to find one… And i keep getting raided every single time as well!!

I’m not making any mistakes at all, at least i hope. I build 2x4x2 or 2x5x3. Putting a cupboard on each cornor to increase the prevention of building nearby my house.
Yet people still manage to get in to my house.And i have no idea how…

I’ve seen people try with or without preventing them to raid me. And so far i haven’t witnessed anyone getting in to my base. Yet when i’m offline they manage to do it somehow. Even with the recent patch i had a rockhouse, same protection. And 3 days after the patch, i got raided. And there was nothing broken. No walls, no windows. Cupboards still there behind walls. Yet 1 out of 2 sleeping bags was renamed and all inner doors were broken. And there were no raid towers closeby. Explain me this legitemently…

Sure, in the endgame a flat ground base can be as secure as a rock base. But if you are just about to start and don’t have the resources to make everything armored, it is better to start on a rock.
Fact is, to take a rock base you always have to tower somehow, on a flat ground base it is not that necessary.

Well, that’s a given. Once the base is complete, I would challenge anyone to raid my ground or rock base and I can quite assure they would be just as secure as one built on a rock. Building on a boulder gives you immediate security you wouldn’t have on the ground though.

Also, I don’t play solo often. Usually it’s 3-4 of us building, so it’s rather quick to get said ground base up and secure in very short order. In my case, the ground base can be made secure far more quickly than someone playing solo. But once it’s done, my ground base will be every bit as difficult to access as if it was built up on a rock.

I can’t stand people who build on rocks! Should be perma-banned.

Btw, heres a pic of my abode…

Still raidable… But looks very nice though.

Single houses on rocks are nearly unraidable, yet this creation has some flaws in it. Making it still a target, very hard to get, but still a target.

Yeah, there are so many potential access points to this base that building on rocks is merely an aesthetic choice in this case rather than giving any tactical advantage. This is not the type of rock base that the OP was referring to. What he means is something more like this…

So is it safer right now to try to build on a rock, or try to build in the water?

It doesnt matter either way, hackers dont care where you build.

True and not true.

About the hackers, yes… That’s very true unfortunately.

About your own situation… Due to the recent changes, regarding HP and envirnment --> getting wet - cold and stuff makes you lose your HP fairly fast. So you’re either going to hunt a lot for food & med supplies. Or you’ll die once in a while.