[Buildings/Units] Looking For Modeler

Hello, I am currently looking for a modeler to assist my community in a new, upcoming gamemode. Which is a Real Time Strategy. Mainly, the models will buildings and units. There is no pay involved beside credits. This is simply a fun project, I am not putting “Admin rights” as payments. Thats foolish and stupid, even though you will recieve it if you please.

If your interested contact me at any of the following places:
[release]Facepunch Private Message
Steam Profile
Website: www.acedservers.com
Email: aced@acedservers.com

Thanks for reading!

First and Last Bump, interested?

Most modelers probably will not take on a project like this for free.

Why is money involved every time? Well, that’s kind of a stupid question since people love money.

It’s a gaming community, there doesn’t need to be any kind of payment. The modeler just needs to have the interest and dedication towards what he/she is making. Sure it’s hard to come by such a person but that’s just how it is.

It is a gaming community, and I think it is an interesting project, but that is just me.