BuildRP is it dead?


When I first got into gmod years ago after getting bored sandbox single player, I went on the server browser and then I remember I found DarkRP on gm_construct.
I so connected to this server. When I got on it was just awesome I could print money, buy drugs even build myself a home.

After speaking to several people about this and everyone remember playing it, we refer to it as “buildRP” and I ask is this dead now? I never see any servers running rp/gm construct or whatever.
It was so fun.

It’s about 5 times as much as it was last year.

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Okay nevermind 80% of those are passworded

Still a few, remember some versions might be using rp_construct.

BuildRP was alive to begin with?

Hope so, it’s epic!

every buildrp server i’ve ever joined has been sandbox + crippling autism
nobody ever built anything worth looking at, the mobsters holed up in the gm_construct tower and printed money all day and the cops just ran around fucking with people trying to bait them into reacting so they could arrest them

Born2Run that’s me! :smiley:

BuildRP used to be incredible fun because there was a perfect balance between Build and RP. Today all BuildRP servers are just DarkRP with a little build. What do you expect when 99% of the people that are on the server are just little kids that accidentally joined when trying to find one of those autistic ones.

I noticed that building is on the rise on B2R but I definitely need to take some time off to rework the server and really encourage building… Planning on optimizing it and adding many more tools.

Edit: The only real BuildRP servers are Born2Run, CanadianTurf and Redacted. They all have roots from way back.