Built a wall and boxed myself in on accident

Any ideas on how to destroy the wall, all I have is a metal hatchet and the means to make certain guns but no explosives. Perhaps an admin could destroy the wall for me since it was me that made it? @_@ I can’t play the game and I really don’t wanna lose all i’ve stocked up on. xD

What if you let yourself starve to death, then get the tools to break the wall and then get your stuff? An annoying process, but it’s an option…

I could just suicide and not spawn at a camp, but it’s hard to obtain 3 c4 when I don’t even have the schematic for explosives lol

You only need 2. Search zombie/radiation for them

Actually it takes 1 for some reason…

Haha nevermind this I build a furnace and I was able to jump it. :smiley:

Disco is happy that Player_two was able to escape from the box of walls.