Built house (Stranded models, 'new' furnitures, different style than my prev. houses)

The stranded models is a really good pack for build.
Screens are ingame. Flatgrass.
The ladder can be climbed. Need to face toward it and go forward. To ‘dismount’ from it press jump or use. I used the ladder stool.

Savegame added:

Extract it to garrysmod/garrysmod.
It has some overlapping files with the other house I made. (or it’s possible you already have some addons). Just skip those files or you can overwrite them since they are identical.

Almost all stuff are in the zip.
Additional stuff needed:

-Stranded Model Pack V3

-Counter Strike source

Other house made by me:
House on pillars:

Holy shit. That is amazing.

Wow, looks awesome!

Nice work

Wheres the whale inflatable from?

You have way too much time on your hands…

My avatar tastes like hamburger

Looks awesome.

Holy F*cking Christ

You broke the definition of awesome!

You have too much patience, kali.

Looks like a cheeseburger to me.

Like all your houses, too many windows.

Excellent work and all, but too many fucking windows

hot damn thats nice

i :lol:ED at this one…

get rid of all the windows jesus christ

and those models look really fake, you should get some better ones

this is an awesome house

holy crap!!! Awsomeness!!! that must’ve taken 4ever.

You sir, has lot of patients building this. But damn, I want those furniture. >.<
Anyway, good job man!

God, we need that “Export to hammer” option back soooooo bad! :frowning:

You’re great. :slight_smile:

Nice scene build.