Built-in anti-hack features needs a slight rework.

Not a major problem, but sometimes randomly when I’m harvesting an animal or trying to hit one with a melee weapon, and even when repairing a wall above you when getting raided in the chat it will pop up with “Too Far Away!” And the hit or repair won’t count. Even though I couldn’t possibly get any closer to it and when I definitely hit it.

And this doesn’t happen as often but every now and then when I’m hacking away at someone’s wall it will say “Anti-hack” and the hits won’t count until I’ve slightly walked away or stopped for a few seconds.

Like I said nothing major but it can be very annoying at some points.

Ping is always below 50ms and my hardware is certainly not an issue.

Are you playing on vanilla servers? As in, unmodded servers?

I play in official servers mainly. But I occasionally play in modded. It happens in both official and modded.

I have also had this issue which actually caused me to get the server admins to check my log just to make them aware that I was not hacking, it seems to be a common problem of late.