Built-in SVN updater

Now that the new Addons menu is available, would it be possible to add an “Update addon” option for SVN-ed addons?

As there is a library for Gmod called gm_svn.dll, it would be pretty easy I think, but I’m not too good in Lua. But please let me add a few suggestions:

  • No .svn folder. Replace it with a file called .svn, what only contains the current revision. All updates are counted from this
  • Multiple update possibility - a list where you can select the addons what you want to update
  • Built-in addon downloader - just give it an SVN, choose where it should be downloaded (like GmodTower content pack should be downloaded to /steamaps/x/garrysmod/) and grab it.

This is all I think! Thanks for anyone who wants to try and do it!