Bull Bait (Street Racer about to run past an Interceptor on a country road)

Remember when NFS was all about racing around being chased by cops in equally fast vehicles? You should.


The chase is on…

Fucking sexy cars.

Not only you’re being chased by even cars, they’re chasing you in packs.

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I was expecting the bronze Interceptor from NFS3.

Hah, I’m the cop. I would have liked to see some dirt gettin’ kicked up from the cars, or tire smoke.

I was going to put the bronze Interceptor in but I still need to finish the skin

also the one I have is a little more gold than bronze but hey

tried to do it, looked awful. Might try again when I make another image w/ the completed NFS3 Interceptor

I remember when NFS was all about racing around without cops.
What a boring time.

Where the blur at?

you one of them blind men sonny?