Bullet Balancing: Clips, Cans, Boxes and loose.

I would like to suggest the following: (i know it’s been out there before.)

Effectively these items would take up 1 Slot in your inventory each. This is a simplified version of and includes the “Magic” of video games. But does not allow people to carry 500 rounds that is quickly loadable into a weapon.

Loose: up to 25 rounds for 9mm to 10 rounds for 556 Ammo or Shotgun

Clip: Weapon Specific = 1 reload (Shotgun exempt) Weapons would only be loadable from this item

Box: 75 rounds for 9mm, 50 Rounds for 556 Ammo, 25 for Shotgun Shells

Can: 250 Rounds for 9mm, 125 for 556 Ammo, 100 for Shotgun Shells (additionally Carrying a can would impose a 1% speed reduction)

Additional note: these items should not cost additional materials, just because it would really be annoying. Unless they were made permanent items that could be “unloaded” by manual commands.

Any Thoughts?

if someone is foolish enough to take that much ammo with them anywhere, let them. I love killing people and that supply me with hours of fun without having to put in an ounce of work.

Still you will be able to carry a enourmous ammount of them :slight_smile:

This is to field test the idea of what limitations would be ideal. Also I forgot to mention the speed penalty for the Large Containers.

the possibilities with speed penalties are endless. i think that if they DO implement speed penalties, they should only base it on armor type and weapon loadout. Inventory contents should not effect movement speed… sure, it’d be realistic… but its a video game. I mean… if you want real, then you cant carry a house in your butthole.(on a naked man). i mean, it’d be realistic to reduce speed based on amount of ore and what not in your inventory… but you’d get REALLY slow REALLY fast.

I understand; I’m willing to forgive some things like the magic of "Wood"x250 per stack. But obviously carrying "Wooden Stairs"x250 should be changed at some point at least to 25 based on wood usage.

Speed reduction in this game would ruin the overall mechanics, especially on a pvp server where they are at max population. You would never get anywhere or get anything done if speed reduction played into any items being in your inventory.

exactly. I understand reducing the speed based on the items in your HOTBAR and the armor you’re wearing, but anything beyond that would just destroy the gameplay.

I do agree that certain things should be more limited in stack size… but i think that the devs are probably aware of this, its just not a high priority among other issues.

Seems odd that I can only put 10 arrows in a slot, but I can put 250 bullets in the same slot. Or 250 wood. Most items that can be directly used (bandages, med packs) only stack up 5 or 10 to a slot. Raw materials that don’t directly benefit you go up to 250. Bullets are an odd exception.

I actually like parts of the OPs idea here. If you want to carry (or store) bulk amounts of ammo, you need an ammo box. This cannot directly load a gun. If you want to load the gun it needs to come from an ammo slot that is limited to (for example) 25 bullets per slot.

I think the feeling of tension in the game would only be increased if players had to make choices about their load-out, knowing that they cannot equip a load-out that will deal with any situation.

But speed restrictions? no.

This is a compromise between being able to carry vast quantities of items, but at a real penalty. And should only apply to the “bulkiest” of items carried.

And with any “Survival” based game, you need to be smart in what you pack. Not try to pack for everything.