Bullet Cam sniper rifle

I was playing Sniper elite the other day, and wondered if it would be possible to use its bullet cam on a custom SWEP in gmod. Basically, if you shoot and your bullet will hit, the game nearly stops time and follows your bullet all the way to the target.

I was thinking fire, create a bullet prop at the muzzle of the gun, have a camera follow it, host_timescale 0, and return to the player’s vision as it hits the target. Alternatively, you could scrap the bullet prop and simply fire the camera at the target, making it seem like you are seeing from the bullet’s perspective.

Reference video:

sounds cool
i think a bullet prop coming from the barrel of the gun and going to the target with a camera welded to it would be very awesome. And make host_timescale .05, if it is 0 the game wouldnt move at all :|.

Sounds awesome, I would to want this…

Like the scene in Wanted at the end of the movie?

almost impossible, because if you wanted the bullet to be accurate and not be affected by the speed of the player, that would cause the entire server to stop, so mr.billy jackoff can “snipe people in slow mo”
basically you’d have a lot of pissed off people because you’d have to slow down and speed up the server everytime that you wanted to shoot

Retarded post, disregard. You obviously don’t know what your talking about, it is absolutely possible. After the player fires the swep, toggle a value on him, and make a calcview to monitor the bullet (Could make the last shot bullet a NW Entity if you want, then just make the calc view etc.). And for slowmotion, its handled serverside, you could just have it (if you want :|) slow physics, although for desired effect everyone would go into ‘slowmo’ at once, wouldnt lag a tad bit.

Disable AI, freeze all props and prevent all players from moving?

Could you do it then?