Bullet cam

This is just a rough idea I had, would it be possible to make a weapon (sniper or other single shot) which, when fired, the players view follows the bullet, I am a complete noob with lua and gmod coding but I was thinking about something like a cross between the physical bullets addon and the visibomb gun (http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=14275506#post14275506) without steering of course. Time control could also be used so you can actually see the shot in slow motion. (I’m not intending to steal these peoples work I’m just using them as examples)

I might attempt to make this but if I write it’s unlikely to work well if at all. If you want to attempt it please do and post results here.

I have tried, it’s easy to make a cam follow the bullet. But I could not make it so, it made damage to the target :S But there properly is a lot out there that can get this working.


i remember playing something by noxiousNet, it was css style and instead of an awp it was an awp that shot a bullet with a bullet cam and the bullet could be moved, it went very fast but didnt shoot the target instanly. I believe the nuke from nuke4 did this too. I know some lua but i dont think i can do this.

Well that sounds promising. Also I’ve been looking over some peoples sweps and I’m pretty sure I could get the slow-mo and the kill delay but I still have no idea about the following veiw.

oh yes, the gamemode by noxiousNet was awesomestrike, check it out its quite fun. Also, do you know how to get the kill delay when in slo-mo, im making a pack that shoots in slomo.

I’ve just seen this which was uploaded recently and have a slow motion bullet following thingy a lot like what I want only it doesn’t always work and has an additional curving the bullet feature (very cool but not what I was going for) I’m about to have a look at the code and see if I can work out how it was done (unlikely lol)

Edit: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=90410

I made that, it works 100% for me and the people I tested it with. Anyway, the bullet cam part of it is very simple. Just a calcview hook that updates the position and angles to be behind the bullet when it is fired.

Yer I looked into it and I think it wasnt working because of another addon I have