Bullet checking ?

I am making a script I call CIA (Combat Information Assistant) And this will lock on the target you shoot at and then display his health and such, its just a little experiment of mine but I need to check if a bullet that you fired hit the target is this possible (clientside if not serverside) ?

Thanks in advance,


Tried using util.TraceLine?

Or the bullet callback.

I am using util traceline only you cant check if the actual bullet hit it, cause you have to calculate for spread / shotgun multiple shots,

The bullet callback looks promising can it be hooked so that every you shoot triggers a function ?

edit : its for addon, not a weapon.

Rather than override the FireBullets function and insert your own callback, I, for one, would hook into the PlayerTakeDamage function and see if you’re the attacker. If you are, woohoo!

Insert your own callback ?