Bullet custom physics snippet.

I would like a small snippet with custom physics of a bullet. I mean, I could do a bullet entity that goes straigth, but it reaches the floor in a short period of time. It seems that entities have a maximum speed and that velocity isn’t enough to simulate bullets with some realism. Any idea?

I’ve always wondered if there is a game where this is used.

With the new physics bindings you could get a bullet entity moving pretty damn fast.

Ah thank you dude.

Yup, my gamemode will.


Settings = physenv.GetPerformanceSettings()
Settings.MaxVelocity = 60000

This actually makes my Gmod crash… Any idea?

Possibly take a look at this?

But I want to change the maximum velocity, not to enable it via console.

And that doesn’t explain why the fuck that makes my gmod crash.

<_< I said look at it not use it because that script doesn’t crash me.

Maybe your crashing because your only setting the velocity?
Maybe your calling it too early?

Do people even bug test their scripts anymore?

Second option. Sorry, but I think that link wouldn’t help me. I just didn’t know that I couldn’t change velocity at the start of gamemode.