Bullet halting on func_breakable_surf

Everybody knows func_breakable_surf, right? It’s the glass that, when you hit it, it turns all spiderwebbed with cracks and you can break off parts of it.

The problem I have is that, when firing a bullet through a window, it damages the glass (normal) but does not proceed to damage, say, a player behind the window. And I feel like this is counter-intuitive and wrong.

Does anybody know of an easy solution to this? Is there some flag I can set on the bullet structure so that they properly penetrate? Is there some flag I can set on the windows themselves?

Use the bullet Callback feature ( add a new key to the bullet table called Callback, it calls a function with 3 args ) and when the bullet hits glass ( or anything ) the callback will be called. If it is something the bullet needs to go through, you create a new bullet at the hit origin plus some extra distance ( typically the length needed to travel to exit the other size of the obstruction ).

Of course. I have a sniper rifle that does that exact technique. But I was hoping that there was some way that was built into the engine or something that would allow me to just say “Yo, go through glass.”