Bullet Hole Bug

I’m pretty sure everyone knows about this problem but i’m still going to put it out there. When shooting objects this happens to the bullet holes and it kinda annoys me, i know the game is still in alpha but i’m just pointing out this bug.

What happens exactly?

look at the picture…

are you tryin to troll me boy. there is no picture.

You’ve not linked the picture correctly. That’s why nobody knows what’s actually going on here.

The full gallery is here;

I assume the bug you’re talking about is this one;


Thanks i’m new to forums, and yes that is the correct picture.

You’ve just got to be careful about the link you use to share the image. If you right click the image and use “Copy Image Location” (might be different in other browsers) you should get a usable link from it nine times out of ten.

As for the bug, I assume it’s the way the bullet decal locations are calculated. It looks like they are sitting on top of the collision mesh for the tree, hence the floating as collision meshes are nowhere near accurate to the model for performance reasons. It shouldn’t be a massively hard thing for them to fix if I’m thinking about it right. Just a minor graphical hiccup.

I believe this is a problem with the hit boxes, this also happens sometimes on players when you hit a player get a blood splash but no registered hit but I think thats more of a desync issue.