Bullet Impact Effects

What are they?
These are a bunch of bullet impacts that replace the default bullet impacts for gmod or any other source game that uses the orange box engine. They’re designed to look more cinematic or exciting. They’re much larger and cool looking than the default effects, but they’re also often more intensive on your gpu, especially with guns that spam bullets.

They’re compatible with all default weapons and sweps that fire bullets, since they’re hooked into the engine and not into lua. I’ll give them a brief update shortly.
They’ve been updated a little bit from the one I uploaded to garrysmod.org about 2 years ago.

Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/516743/impact_effects/particles.rar

Here’s some screenshots :open_mouth:


You should give the effect a reflection angle so that its not just erupting straight off the surface.

Still neat looking though. Beats the current particles.

-Snip didn’t read enough-

They look good.

I remember the old topic, effects still look nice.

Ricochet effects are on metal surfaces, but I chose not to use them on smokey impacts because it doesn’t look as cool. Especially when you’re the one shooting.

I tried them out, believe me, but after ages of messing about I just found that the eruption looks more badass.

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Can I also add that any time I look at a youtube video or some crap, and I see my effects in them, I get the most warm fuzzy feeling inside ever :slight_smile: