Bullet in the head!!

I think this is my best so far:


I dont think a bullet can mantain its original form after going through a skull but I really dont know so :v:/

Blood lacks a bit of depth, and the snow looks weird because its only behind the soldier.(Depth problems)

The blood lacks some depth.
Also, that’s not just the bullet, its the whole cartridge. The bullet wouldn’t look like that after penetrating the head, too.
And the picture is pretty empty.

i dont know the guy looks a bit calm

That looks awsome, but that’s a hollow-point bullet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollow-point, which means it wouldn’t go through his head. It’s just a small detail and doesn’t remove the awsomeness.

The blood and snow lack depth and the blood is too bright in my opinion and its directions of travel don’t make any sense.

Also, the bullet is coming from below and behind… yet we can’t see anyone.

Sniper :slight_smile:

More like Predator or Delta Force operatives with nano-suits. By looking at the direction the bullet is coming from, the sniper should be visible.

Did you even read what I wrote? The bullet is coming from below from someone who must be lying on the floor no more than 20m away. We can see 20m behind in this picture and yet no one is there.

Common sense. It’s damn useful.

Meh, sniper with snow camo (also on gun)

Thats some fucking nice camo then.

Bullet is coming from an odd angle, snow looks too uniform and lacks depth, there should be snow in front of the soldier as well. Also blood lacks depth and looks too opaque.

that’s some .45 acp ammo.

also, only the brown bit on the end of the bullet comes out of the barrel. The yellow part is the casing.

The snow lacks depth too.

Other than the bullet needing to be just the bullet instead of the cartridge, you should throw a lot more motion blur on it.
The hole through the head looks pretty nice though.

Thank you

wow someone must have thrown that bullet really hard

All this boring ‘reality’ stuff aside, i think it looks pretty damn cool.

Thank you