bullet in the iraq



wait, what?

did you just blank post or did your images fail?

now done

that guy on the left looks creepy.

I was expecting more bullets.

I am really confused…

What we need are more bullet in the iraq.

Its beautiful!

To much bloom

The guy in the left looks like he’s raping the poor 249.

where did you get the vasquez model???

actually left man isn’t vasquez
it looks vasquez

whatever, usmc model is in the Model/Skins => Release

Title is weird but the pic looks very good.

Keep it up with the good work.

yeah. thanks

I don’t understand your title, but I like the picture. Has a nice look to it.

bullet = usmc

and they are fast

Serving in the Army Rangers, we are even faster :slight_smile:

i don’t remember them being called bullet, i don’t think a lot of people would know



I wasnt stating that we are called bullets just implying that they arnt the fastest :stuck_out_tongue:

just figure of speech