Bullet Love

posing is nice as well as with the stitching but seriously, lens flare?

wow! this is nice!
there are lens flare effects in the game aswell. so it’s fitting in my opinion.

Bullet Love +100

  • Kill an enemy when you are blinding in love.

lens flare mars an otherwise really nice picture

I was expecting her to be holding a gun pointed at his guts :frowning:

But yeah the purple lens flare on his armpit is just weird.


he is a vampire

Psh, necks are simply orgasmic- have you ever tried that? I haven’t… but I have read reviews!

Got a link to those models?

Please don’t give anything to this guy, he’s a bad poser and poster and didn’t even give a fuck about the picture.

How about you pull your head out of your ass? i have nothing against you, never have, never will. But you seem to have a vendetta against me. please kindly Fuck off you prick.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming / Telling somebody to fuck off" - Asaratha))

What the hell calm down, I was stating that you just came here asking for models without even paying attention to the picture, and that you were annoying all the time in the past.
You, on your side, called me a prick, I feel really offended, reported.

I would Like the PMC model. I suck at posing but I’m OK at making weapons.

Watch out, Gray, she’s going to kill your dick.

I love the sheer number of people who ask for links for models, without even daring to take a glance at the model section.

While he shouldn’t have come in here just to ask for the model that was rude as hell and uncalled for.

i request a wallpaper of this :smiley: I love this so