Bullet Proof Glass

I know this seems like a easy task, and it properly is! :stuck_out_tongue: I tried making bullet proof glass in my map… i tried with different layers… i tried with the bullet proof texture thingy… nothing works… bullet keeps coming trough… Any idears ? :slight_smile:

Use the “block bullets” texture over the glass.

Then you cannot see the glass at all… :frowning: if the outer layer is Block bullets

The block bullets texture is a tool texture that is not visible in-game. You make a brush with your glass texture on it and then a second brush with the block bullets texture with the same size/location of the glass brush and it should work.

Does it have anything to do with im texturing a Func_Detail? or does it need to be a specific brush?

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Now i put it infront, like you instructed… i can see the glass… even with the Block bullets infront… but the bullets are still penetrating… i can see the bullet holes in the wall on the other side of the glass.

What weapon are you shooting with? M9K base for example, always penetrates walls.

Try with func_breakable

i shoot with counter stirke weapons… and im going to use Fire arms source on my server once my map is done :slight_smile:

Isn’t glass bulletproof by default?
You’d need to make it a func_breakable or a func_illusionary to have bullets pass through it in the first place. Well, at least in HL2. In CS it may be different, or am I mistaken?

Read this

I’ve already seen that post… but i just couldn’t find a direct answer… how to make glass completely bulletproof and still being able to see the glass… im properly just stupid… since i cannot find that answer in your link :slight_smile:


right from that page

Nice thanks :)!