Bullet time help!

Hello i just downloaded bullet time mod from the popular page from garrysmod.org but i have one problem…

the readme says: bind a key to +bullettime… but HOW?

i bet in the .lua file so i put bind “+” “bullettime.on”

and it does not work the physical bullets are nice but not in fast mode so i need bullet time mode…

And is this the bullet time mod where i can shoot and the bullets go slow and i can walk like normal?

You need to go ingame to type in the console(~ key), “Bind insert key here +bullettime”

In bullettime, everything is slowed down

If the guy above me’s tip didn’t help, here’s a more thorough tutorial:
1: Start Gmod.
2: Click Options
3: Click Keyboard.
4: Click Advanced
5: Click “Enable Developer Console”
6: If pushing ~ works for you, skip to step 11. If pushing ~ does nothing, continue with the following steps:

Close Gmod again and do this:
1: Go to the games tab in steam
2: Right click Gmod
3: Click Properties
4: Click “Set Launch Options”
5: Type “-console” without the " ".
6: Click OK
7: Click OK
8: Start Gmod.
9: The console will now be up.
10: Type “bind F12 toggleconsole” without the " ".
(You can change the F12 key for any key you want, but I suggest F12.
11: Type “bind B bullettime” without the " "
(You can change the B key for any key you want, but I suggest B.
12: Done. You will now be able to open/close your console with F12 and bulletime will be toggled with B.

If you want it so that you must HOLD DOWN B for it to be activated, simply write “bind B +bulletime” instead. Without the " ".

I hope this helps you. :slight_smile:


If you have console on,skip this,go to options,keyboard/mouse advanced options,make sure “ENABLE DEVELOPER CONSOLE” is checked
then press ` and type bind (enter key to press for bulletime use) +bulletime
to activate,for example i bidden it to f,i press f,and i get bulletime working

Also,for me its `, just press the left button to 1 (not on your numpad)

dude thanks… this works with other mods too??? and left 4 dead does not work? but that is suposed in antoher forum i think

Uh yeah sure it would work with other addons, but what other addons require you to write something in the console? There aren’t many of those.

third person view

Yeah it’d work, just don’t bind it to the same key.

It still wont work for me ive typed in the command and bound it to b but all it does is say that bulletime has changed to 0 or 1 but nothing happens