Bullet Time - like our beloved drunken dual wielding cop

Get it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=262931167

Designed for singleplayer and multiplayer.



  • FOR SINGLEPLAYER: Provides a finite source of bullet time, which decreases as you spend more time in it, regenerates on it’s own only up to 40% (can be changed), to get it up to 100%, you’ll have to shoot things
  • FOR MULTIPLAYER: Upon killing an NPC, a chance will be rolled to turn on the bullet time, followed by a cooldown
  • Slows down all sounds
  • Makes the player’s and NPC bullets physical once bullet time is enabled, for singleplayer by default
  • Simple visual effects when in bullet time
  • Physical bullets have tracers
  • Physical bullet speed depends on SWEP damage

FOR SINGLEPLAYER: Bind a key to bt_toggle
To make use of the blur effects, make sure you have motion blur enabled in your video settings

Console variables:
bt_timescale - controls the time slow down percentage when bullet time is active (default - 0.6)
bt_projectilespeed_player - controls player-fired bullet speed (default - 1)
bt_projectilespeed_npc - controls npc-fired bullet speed (default - 0.5)
bt_drainspeed - controls bullet time charge drain speed when it’s active (default - 1)
bt_restorespeed - controls bullet time charge regeneration speed when it’s inactive (default - 1)
bt_maxrestore - controls the maximum point until which the bullet time will restore to on it’s own (default - 40)
bt_restore_onhurt - controls the amount of bullet time charge regeneration amount when hurting NPCs/players (default - 0.15)

bt_mp_chance - chance to turn on the bullet time upon killing an NPC in multiplayer (default - 10)
bt_mp_cooldown - cooldown in seconds in between bullet time switches in multiplayer (default - 30)
bt_mp_duration - duration of the bullet time in multiplayer (default - 5)
bt_mp_physbul - controls whether to use physical bullets when bullet time is active in multiplayer (default - 0)

SMod - bullet time toggle sounds

Get it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=262931167

Definitely going to try this out on my build/deathmatch server. Been looking for a good bullettime addon for ages.

I always loved doing a little npc firefight in singleplayer with your dual weapons, but now this takes it to a whole new level <3

I was hoping you’d release this when I saw it in WAYWO. Awesome stuff man. Were you by chance inspired by RobotBoy’s usage of EntityEmitSound?


does this actually make the game any slower or just enable kool effectz

Posted about 6 posts behind yours, just wondering if you decided to make this based on that idea

Just ran this to test, spams my console with errors:

[Bullet Time] lua/entities/slowmo_bullet/cl_init.lua:10: attempt to compare nil with number
   1. unknown - lua/entities/slowmo_bullet/cl_init.lua:10

Weird thing is I’m not getting it. :v:

LOVING IT. really cool addon. I like how your addons are like mini-games.

now we need a fixed shootdodge addon and we’re set ok

What’s wrong with that one?

I remember in other Bullet Time addons you could shoot a bullet, (and because you maintain your speed, but the physical bullet doesn’t) you could run up and stand in front of where you shot, pretty much shooting yourself in the head. Is this possible in this addon?

If you slowed the bullet down enough with the convar I guess that might be possible.


It sets your velocity really high so it can kinda play the swimming animation but you launch really far
Its p much a cheap way of doing it

I’m not gonna say that the addon is bad;
but it’s a terrible idea with a good execution.

The “bullet time” thing has been done to death already, and i saw plenty of games having the same “shoot em to get slow time” mechanics.
Here’s a tip, getting your ideas from other addons or games is a sign of your originality slowly degrading.

All the other “Bullet time” addons on the workshop just slow down the whole server and bullets go normal speed. On this one, they’re actually like entities and are slow as fuck

That’s exactly why i said “good execution”.

lol its a fucking addon not a full blown game who gives two shits about originality