"Bullet" Time

I’ve been looking on Garrys Mod.org and Facepunch for about a month now, and I haven’t seen any very good Slow Motion/Bullettime addons.

Which then, I found and downloaded Twitch Weaponry, which is very awesome, and I TRULY had found the best addon for Slow Motion. The most important part about the Slow Motion, was that BULLETS are actually in slow motion.

Sure, right when you fire your weapon, you instantly hit the person, but the bullet trails doesn’t do any damage itself. It gives the illusion of Slow Motion.

But lets get to the request. All I want is a TRUE Bullettime addon. Like in TW, I want to be able to change what happens in Bullettime mode. Except a bit more.

I want to be able to change the bullet speed, Player speed, NPC speed, and Everythingelse speed. And, I’m no Lua master, so I have no idea how it works. So don’t get your panties in a bundle if I ask for something impossible.

Like I said before, when you fire your gun, it instantly does damage to the target, and the bullet does nothing. I THINK I’ve got a way around that. Why not, when you fire the bullet, it shoots a “Gun” in slow motion, like the slowed bullets , and once the “Gun” gets close enough to a obstruction it fires a true bullet. So the bullet you shoot will only do damage if it hits the NPC or anything other.

Again, I don’t know how Lua works, so shoot my idea down if its (near)impossible.


I want a true Bullettime addon/SWep that you can change Player speed, Bullet speed, Npc speed, and Everythingelse speed. And I want it to have bullets that only do damage if it hits the person, not when you fire it.

And please make it a Handgun gun. Maybe a Deagle or Glock or something.


or this


Come on, I think at least ONE person would be able to make this possible.

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lol, get GMod Plus. http://code.google.com/p/gmodplus/
Then toggle_bullettime in console.

Physical bullets where a problem when i figured it out, they did no damage, so it was either make the entity die and create a bullet.trace when it died that checked the sweps damage, or it could of been a prop of a bulelt being launched from the gun, this method is still a mystery to me.

Create an entity that’s a bullet, do a trace in front of it, if the trace hits another object, give it damage and destroy the bullet entity.

You cant creat an entity that is a bullet unless you have a model of it, almost all entitys need models.

Well maybe you could track the path of the bullet, create a physical bullet that goes on that path, slow the physics timescale way down, then when the bullet hits the object it dissapears, creating the proper texture, sound, and damage creating bullet time

They have a physical bullet/bullettime addon, though, I can’t seem to find it…(and, how do I download something off of google code? I’m SO intrigued by garrysmod+, but I can’t seem to figure it out.)

Oh, use a Subversion client.

Wiremod has a tutorial on using it to download their addon, you can use the same principles to DL GM+

  1. Get a suitable SVN client (Tortoise SVN is a good choice: http://TortoiseSVN.net)
  2. If you have Tortoise SVN, right click the addon folder in your garrysmod folder and choose “SVN Checkout”
  3. Enter this address: “http://gmodplus.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/” You can also use this autolink, if Tortoise SVN was installed correctly: Tortoise autolink
  4. Attention! Tortoise SVN should automatically add \gmodplus to the Checkout directory. If not, add it, as it’s vital to have that there!
    To clarify: Checkout directory should be [all your folders]\garrysmod\addons\gmodplus!
  5. Press OK
  6. ???
  7. Profit!

alright, didn’t know it was SVN…silly me…