Bullet Tracers & Bullet Entities - A few questions


I am looking into creating my own bullet tracer. I could not seem to find much documentation on this, and most of my searching turned up some code written C+.

I found an addon created by Robotboy on the Steam Workshop which was, in short, a Nyan Cat gun. After extracting the lua code from the gma file I looked at how he created a custom tracer. This was not really how I wanted to do it in my own code. Robotboy’s tracer uses a material and I do not have a custom material for my bullets and I am sure there is a better way to do it rather than using materials for tracers.

After failing to create a custom tracer, I looked into modifying the TTT Weapon Base to shoot entity’s rather than use bullet tracers, after thinking about it, I think there might be a few too many downsides, which is why I wanted to ask you guys a question.

Will modifying the TTT Base to use bullet entities cause a lot of strain on the server/client? And do the benefits (Bullet penetration ect) out way the costs (Server/client lag) of using bullet entities.

You can use ANY effect as a bullet tracer, it doesn’t have to use a material, but I have no idea what else you could use.

There’s no better way to create a custom bullet tracer, that’s the only way to do it. ( Setting Lua effect in the bullet table )

One way could be to look at TTT’s Newton Launcher. It has a tracer.

Thanks for clearing up my bullet tracer question!

I did not know this, I will be sure to take a look soon!

I just took a look at it, it appears it does not use a custom tracer? Instead it just uses the default Air Boat tracer.