Bullets only pissed it off

This was mainly an editing test. Robots have no emotions but whatever V:rolleyes:V


I like random light sources :v:

I like comments too :saddowns:

Incorrect usage of rim lighting.

The metal bits and blood are cool etc etc

Dem eyes. :geno: They stare into my soul…

You always make awesome rim lighting. :v:

Run LIKE HELL. :v:

How should I use it then?

If you’re talking about how it’s unrealistic, I’m going to give realism a big Eat Shit And Die. I don’t care if something is unrealistic or not if it looks good.


I very much agree. Nice work. Love the lightening.

I like this picture, all some parts of his back look kind of blocky and jagged, unless that’s intentional? I mean, he is a robot.

No, it’s not intentional. I forgot to smooth the edges.

GASP. I’m rating you boxes for your negligence. :saddowns:

[sp]Nah, kudos to you, kind sir.[/sp]

The rimlighting looks good. Don’t know why and how it would appear as if it was misused, considering there’s a blue light source coming from the back of that alley.

Very cool. He looks a bit shiny too.

Usually the rim lighting should be used only when there’s a really bright light coming almost directly from behind the object or character. I think.

Unless you’re implying there isn’t. :monocle:

Maybe he’s glowing with evil robot energy?

Who cares about the rim-lighting, psh. Still a great picture.

Rim lighting is a result of light bleed caused by a subject being backlit by a very bright light source. The bold’d words are the ones to remember as the rule.

I mean, it would look right if there was a bright light behind his/its left side, but in the scene it appears to be a soft glow that’s been made to be distinct. The technique is good, it’s just the application of it that I’m talking about.

Oops, I didn’t read the whole thread. You nailed it on post 12 there Joazzz. Just something to remember for the non-test images,

edit edit

Also the hair is well done. Forgot to mention that.

I don’t wanna lose control by falling…

Really nice.

Sweet idea and editing but the camera angle is kinda dull.