Bulletstorm Playset

Bulletstorm Playset

Playset comes with Trishka, Gray, and the signature assault rifle.


People, I have heard your votes. Trishka is now more flexible (with an extra poseable torso segment) as well as a poseable neck. Same stuff applies to Gray. Side note, fingerposing works, but it’s all over the place, sorry.

Gray has the same flexes as Trishka (except the boob slider) including the eyeposer, which I exaggerated the possible angles of.

It’s also worth noting that the rifle is to scale from the game, so it’s a big massive in normal character’s hands.


Damn. :v:
The models look great, gonna whip up a pose now. And now we need the skins for the rifle. :buddy:


lolz they almost look like they came straight from gears of war 3

My God, his face :smiley: beautiful girl! Download, thanks again!

Cool details.
Gonna download and make some poses.
Thank you so much!

Commence badass poses

goood daaaammmnn, these ragdols would be a shit load better in my movies then there little brother ragdoll’s, gears of war XD
or better yet, make a movie about this game vs gears of war

Where’s sushi-dick?

commence download


Please get the chrome PMC, it look so cool :smiley:

Awesome! Download now!

the game is out for a week or so and already three ported chracters? hell yeah! got my download!

Bloody good one!

Awesome work :DDD

Gotta say, i like the referance to ANOTHER character steven blum voiced.

Come on, look at him, dont tell me he doesnt look a little like wolverine.

Spike/Wolverine/Space Pirate

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the weapons there holding looks like de lancer from gow