This game has some awesome enemies weapons and ofcourse main characters. It uses Unreal Engine 3 and is compatible with UE Viewer.

Link to some screenies: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/untitledpeoplecanflyproject/images.html

If anyone wants to take up the task to port enemies / characters / weapons and even whole buildings and other props from this game go ahead please :smiley:

Yeah why not.I have completed the game its awesome.
And why not someone make the leash,other weapons and characters.
And support 100 %

How about you wait a week or two for the people who do port them to actually play the damn game first.

Who sais all those who can port actually play the damn game?

Buying a game just to port? what a waste.

Re-read what you said and say to me that makes sense.

Unreal Engine 3, should be straight forward enough to port from. Gildor might have to update Umodel first though if he hasn’t already.

I could probably get all the weapons ported easily enough, I’m just a lazy bastard.

cough not everyone buys the game :wink:

As soon as I saw her I just had to port her to Gmod. :v:


Amagaad I knew you would show up with that beast :smiley:

Think of it this way. There are 3d models (for 3D programs and rendering stuff) which are can sell up to $500 USD each. If you can export these models from a game, textured and everything (provided you want the models from the game,) I see it as a cheap alternative. $60ish USD is a great price for the hundreds of models you get from a game.

Lol bulletstorm models on gmod that is awesome :smiley:

Must…get…Leash swep… ;D

Im planning on swep all of them, they’re simply easy to make.
I will only need help with the drill gun, the leash, the bouncer and the sniper

What about Mechaton and the controller? maybe should be a little harder with animations.