Bullshit lost loot

I log in for 5 seconds, put my stuff in a large storage box, ther server re-starts 2 seconds later and EVERYTHING i logged out with and placed in the box disappears… Not cool… I just placed so much stuff down and it all gets deleted… I love this game but things like this makes me want to quit :confused:

Its part of the alpha experience.

Same. I logged in, dropped a TON of stuff (my full inventory) and then ran around. Server crashed about 10 minutes later and I lost everything. This was on US #2.

Dude come on its an alpha, I had 15 C4 on me full weapons and 2 sets of kevlar, I put it all in my chest put on some cloth and went out to farm when I crashed (cause of the new crash bug which is not even allowing me to play right now cause it crashed within 10 seconds of me moving).

Yet I do not come in here and complain about it cause its ALPHA, this is the testing point of the game, there will be LOTS of loot loss due to bugs/exploits, there will be LOTS of server crashing while things get fixed, there will be LOTS of server wipes. Get use to it or GTFO alpha/beta and wait for release… THEN you can complain about loss of loot due to problems with the game.

Dude calm down, he just was talking about his situation

Exact same thing happened to us before we ran into each other.

bug report is still out guys :wink:

It’s an alpha for a reason bro

“its in alpha” is not a excuse for all …

Ofcourse it’s an excuse, it’s an early alpha, and on the site it clearly states that things may still have alot of bugs in it. It being an alpha is an actual excuse for this game because it is an alpha?

If you wanted a bugless game you shouldn’t off have bought it in the first place

lol i’m just saying! its all good but just mildly frustrating sometimes… but whatever

Heh. Have you played in a true alpha before? Stuff like this happens -all- the time right now. That being said, I’ve had random stuff dupped before because of a server restart/crash. Roll with the punches be it good or bad… but most of the time its going to be bad.

Come on Brad, you and your crew can get that back in notime. Its an Alpha, you know this!! :smiley:

That is why you should wait a few hours to make sure the server is stable.

At this point you gotta kinda expect to lose EVERYTHING on server crashes, so if it’s just a few building parts or nothing at all - be grateful :dance: It’s kind of funny when people act like they’re going to demand a refund because the game doesn’t work right for them (not saying about anyone in this particular thread). Reminds me of those people on ebay that bought pictures of ipods thinking that they were brand new fully functional real ipods. Only with rust, you’re going to actually get the full product when it’s done as well as in its current state. The money and frustration that a little reading can save you…

Okay. What’s your point?

Oh the number of freshly made planks that have been sent to the ‘never, never’ and the constant rebuilding the same building over and over. It’s like a bad groundhog day.

Yet… I still can’t stop collecting :slight_smile: