Bully Scholarship edition Models: Jimmy Hopkins, Russel, Prefect

can someone port these models to garrys mod 10 and make jimmy of alot of Poly please

Not you again.

i need just jimmy hopkins

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then im out

21 threads in and you still don’t get it.

get what?

You don’t get you are an awful poster, are not giving reference pictures, and keep asking for things without offering anything in return

People don’t work for free most of the time. If I was a porter I definately wouldn’t judging by how terrible you ask and don’t give any references whatsoever.

Goddamn, it pisses me off so fucking much when people make requests and don’t say a single please or thank you. FUCK.

Aren’t you gonna provide us with some models to work with? you know so we can use those to port them to gmod? cause no one here can just make one like that, we’re not genies.

He said port so I’m assuming he just means rip the models from the game and port them over to gmod.

well knowing this kid he expects us to do everything and seeing how he wanted jimmy high poly he doesn’t realize the limitations (or what bumpmaps are) but basically what i’m trying to say is, he should give a place for us to start or not ask for too much. and seeing what he’s done before, and if he’s not gonna leave, then he might as well learn how to request properly

As well as learn to be patient. The last request of his that I can actually remember reading (something involving the infected clown from L4D2), he kept posting saying something along the lines of “Is it done yet?” “Can someone finish this already?” “Come on, where is it? I want it!”. Not word for word of course, but essentially along those lines.

The thing I like the most is after about 10 posts he disappears for like a month back into some cave, then about 2 months later he crawls back out and instead of bumping his old request thread makes another one with the same request but in less words “do it” luckily people like him and another user who bumps threads with pictures of anime characters birthdays remain unbanned XD they just continue this crazy rampage.

Hey isn’t this the same guy who begged Rusty to port over the clown from L4D2?

Oh god kid… I love you… your threads just give me so much of a laugh.

gm_ghosthunt dude seriously how old are you? telling to port something to people is really easy but porting is not that easy…

He’s going to do it again, and again, and again, until he gets what he wants.

look im just want just one model and thats jimmy hopkins from bully and please im gonig to be patient as you port it over

You do realize how much Time, Work and effort it will take to do this right?

Nobody is going to whip this up in 10 Minutes plus from what i’ve heard it’s difficult to port from Console

With this kind of attitude, this guy is going to get nothing, but just angry people, no matter how many times he keeps on doing this crap.