Bumblebee Hot Rod

Built a hot rod today, inspired by a Hotwheels toy car I had when I was younger,

Karbine’s corvette v8 sound goes perfectly with it




decided to give it a unique look so don’t say that it doesn’t look like a ‘real’ hotrod



Also, no it won’t transform into a robot

EP2 engine block doesn’t do it justice.


its stupiet

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Looks pretty awesome :buddy:

It looked kinda awkward with my v8 on it so i just decided to use the ep2 engine :frowning:

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also thanks :smiley:

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whats your point

Why not? I like that prop

Fixed :buddy:

Also, does this car lag? it looks like it has a lot of props…

Sooo… you dislike it?

it means he likes it a lot, that simply calling it “awesome” isn’t enough

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at least that’s what i’m picking up

you got it

Also you should let us download these, they look way too awesome to be left unshared

And, another edit : i sent you a PM

This receives my approval.

I wish i could make car bodies :expressionless:

whot am i loking im not o i duno even.

This is strange looking.