Bump and Specular

As far as I know you can’t use Bump and specular maps together on 1 texture?
WEll you can but you have to do something.
How do I use specular map and bump map on 1 texture?

This is indeed possible: Use the texture’s RGB channels for the bump map and use its alpha channel for the specular map. Then, add this line in the texture’s .vmt script (assuming you’ve defined the bump map in the texture’s .vmt already and set up the $envmap to use):

$normalalphaenvmapmask 1

This will use the normal/“bump” map’s alpha channel for the environment map/“specular” mask.

Do I need to make a bump map with alpha channel then?

Yeah. Just add an alpha channel to your bump map, and paint lighter where you want more reflectivity. Any area that’s black on the alpha map will be theoretically completely matte, unreflective.