Bump map

How do I make a Bump map texture?

Firstly, find what you’re trying to texture. For example, I once modelled Earth.

Secondly, google “X texture”, replacing X with the texture you want to find. Using the previous example, I’d want a texture of a map of the Earth, so I’d search “Earth Texture”. If this doesn’t get you anywhere, google search around until you find a picture that accurately represents the texture you’re trying to replicate.

Save the picture and open it in photoshop. Greyscale it and save it.

Go into your modelling program (I used Cinema 4D because I’m a nub), create a new texture. There should be an option somewhere to set a bump texture. Click that and import the greyscaled picture you made in the last step.

Slap that texture onto whatever you want to apply the texture to.

Here’s my example (I made it ages ago). Notice how the planet doesn’t look two dimensional and has an overbearing and unnecessary lens flare:

If you are trying to make a bumpmap for source, programs such as CRAZYBUMP and PIXPLANT can do that. The only problem is that they have trials and once thats over you will have to purchase them. I suggest using Crazybump while you can.

In those programs, just import the texture you want bumped. Then change the settings to your liking. When that’s done, save it and open the texture with VTFEdit, then save it as a .vtf.

Finally, in the VMT of your model, put these lines:

	"$bumpmap" "PATH/TO/BUMPMAP/bumpmap_texture_name"
	$ssbump		1

Well now I feel dumb

Don’t, you just misinterpreted the question.

I don’t have photoshop. I can’t get it because my computer is 32-bit. :frowning:

then use what i told you.

thank you.

Don’t use Crazybump, you will fuck everything up, bake your own normals or ask somebody else to do it. Crazybump looks horrifying. Crazybump only looks good on the ground, stone or walls.

$ssbump is entirely different from $bumpmap. Using this requires that you convert your bumpmap, and it requires that you’re using LightmappedGeneric. In other words, this works fine if you’re making a texture for a map rather than a model, but $ssbump is something else entirely.

That depends. If you’re making a model from scratch, you’d be better off modeling in the details for a high poly version and baking them on to your low poly version so the program(s) do it all for you. On the other hand if you’re just creating a texture for a map or you don’t have a high poly version or anything like that, Crazybump and similar programs should be fine enough. They’re not something you should use in a professional environment, but if you tweak the settings to something nice, it should provide you with a decent normal map to start with. At least then you’d have a normal map rather than nothing, and if you’re able to hand paint it with a drawing tablet, you could probably fix up any anomalies and have a pretty good normal map.

Ok thanks for that. I always used the $ssbump 1 command and i never saw a difference.

This page should explain it a little better for you if you need.