Bumpmaps (normal maps if you prefer) do not render

Bumpmaps are not showing for me on any map. mat_bumpmap is set to 1, dxlevel is 95. My texture quality is on very high, I even tried setting mat_picmip to -10.

Here’s what a map I’m making looks like in CSS: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/28466185189696273/24DC23FA17C5A748CFDE6DB4755C5B5B64F70217/

And here it is in Gmod: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/28466185189693230/E4517C30AC1182E101B39BDE195104584BC016D9/

Are there any other commands that might be affecting my bumpmaps? Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a well-known issue that I somehow missed despite my research?

is your gmod running in DX8 mode?

I already said dxlevel is on 95. Is there something I don’t know about that overrides that?

actually the source engine is known to be random with what directx it uses, if css says its using dx95 doesnt mean gmod is.
honestly, i have no idea, do you have css mounted

What map?

It’s a sandbox map I’m working on. They aren’t working on any map, however. If your intention is to test it, I can give you some specific maps.

If I didn’t have CSS mounted that red curb from cs_office would be purple, as would the yellow stripe wall from de_nuke.

When I said my directX was on 95, I meant in Gmod.

Yes, post some maps where it does not work. ( 1 is enough )

Heck, it’s not even working on Flatgrass or Construct.

When you shine your flashlight on the bricks, the sides of the bricks you’re shining on should light up. The side my flashlight should be lighting up is clearly dark:

There was also a really hefty bevel on these bricks before, now they’re totally flat:

These are both in Construct.

Hm, it works for me, so there must be something wrong on your side.
No idea what it could be tho.

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What is your shader detail set to?

Holy shit how did I miss that. I am a total buffoon. Thanks.